Chrystie Watson is the founder of Learn Leadership and is passionate about learning, leadership and outdoor activities, combining all three in her approach to leadership development. She has interviewed professionals from around the world, including from Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Wales and Oxford, about their leadership experiences. Some of the professionals Chrystie has researched and worked with include a senior US Navy official, a soldier who has done multiple tours of Afghanistan, an Oil & Gas geologist working in Algeria, IT service delivery professionals, a mental health worker, health care and education providers, tradespeople, project managers, a global security and intelligence analyst, a private investigator, a software engineer and analyst, a veterinarian and practice owner, a music teacher, a pastor, an artist and a writer.

Chrystie also worked in leadership roles within the higher education sector for twelve years and continues to lecture into business programs. Having held board directorships and national network chair positions, Chrystie has extensive experience in the area of leadership and professional development, applying her experience within client organisations and with individuals to develop leadership capabilities.

Chrystie’s formal qualifications include:

  • MBA;
  • Graduate Certificate of Research Methods;
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting);
  • Bachelor of Marine Science;
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course; and
  • is currently undertaking her PhD in the area of leadership development.

Chrystie has been invited to present on the topic of leadership for professional organisations such as the Australian Human Resources Institute, Institute of Managers & Leaders, Hays Recruitment and Townsville Enterprise Ltd. Chrystie combines her professional and academic knowledge and experience into her approach to leadership development and presented her PhD research at the International Studying Leadership Conference in the UK in late 2019 during her time as a visiting scholar at the University of Western England. Chrystie regularly publishes articles for professional and academic audiences and shares her insights through podcasts and videos.

The intent behind Learn Leadership is that leadership is enacted throughout our organisations and societies, rather than just by individuals occupying hierarchical positions of authority or displaying specific traits. Learn Leadership focuses on the contributions individuals make collectively to the common good as well as how people can make the right decisions to suit their personal and professional circumstances. Methods applied to developing leadership capabilities include reflective practice, shared team learning experiences and practical learning within the workplace or outdoor environment, with the ancient philosophy of the Stoics guiding the experience of leadership. Chrystie focuses on creating momentum so that progress is realised and goals achieved.