Presentations & Workshops

Below are a selection of presentations
given by Learn Leadership founder,
Chrystie Watson.
Presentations and workshops are catered to the specific needs of the group.


Australian Human Resources Institute

December 2020

‘Reflecting on 2020’ Panel Member

James Cook University – Student Services Division

November 2020

‘Active Service Delivery’ Learning Session

International Studying Leadership Conference

Hosted by the Bristol Leadership & Change Centre, UK

16-18 December 2019

‘Leadership as a way of life’

JCU College of Business, Law & Governance – Research Seminar Series

16 October 2019

‘Navigating Major Leadership Challenges using the Practices of Stoic Philosophy’

Human social organization, including business organization, has been undergoing major transformational changes caused and mediated by a number of factors. As such, many approaches to the enactment of leadership are no longer fit for practice. In this presentation, Chrystie Watson will highlight some of the major leadership challenges today and how the practice of Stoic philosophy can be applied in a contemporary organisational environment. Of relevance to current conditions, the ancient Stoics believed that everything was in a perpetual state of change and that we must practice maintaining equanimity and clarity of thought through these changes. The practice of Stoic philosophy offers valuable insight into the enactment of leadership through change. 

Townsville Enterprise Ltd. – Knowledge Exchange Series

26 March 2019

‘Leadership: Crisis Leadership or Leadership in Crisis’

Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML)

9 October 2018

‘Distributed Leadership: Engendering Creativity and Innovation in Leadership’

Creativity and innovation are inherent to the enactment of leadership. However, the desire to quantify and define leadership from heroic perspectives may be inhibiting the potential of creative and innovative thinking in organisations. Distributed Leadership Theory presents a perspective on leadership that encourages creativity and innovation throughout organisations; expanding the experience of leadership beyond hierarchical models toward a more holistic view and acknowledgment of leadership. I will explore how the Stoic philosophy of the ancient Greeks may inform a framework for enacting Distributed Leadership so as to marshal the collective creative power throughout organisations.

Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)

2 August 2018

‘Distributed Leadership: Distributing Leadership for the Common Good’

There is an imminent need to disrupt leadership practices within organisations. Distributed Leadership engenders a collective and shared sense of responsibility and accountability throughout organisations, offering a compelling alternative to the heroic leadership styles that have demanded our attention in recent decades. However, to implement distributed leadership practices is a challenge. Distributed leadership requires participants to engage with decision making for the common good; a contradiction to the promotion of self-interests inherent within current hierarchical organisational structures. I will explore how the Stoic philosophy of the ancient Greeks may inform a framework for implementing leadership practices that better serve organisational needs and employee engagement.